Mother of Light


Our Lady stands in the night upon our world. It is that night which brought in tangible form the dawn of our salvation. In the cold, quiet, silence of the nights darkest hour Mary brought to us the Life that is our Light. He rests, “The Ancient of Days”, in the cradle of her arm with one tiny hand raised in benediction between heaven and earth. The light of the star mingles with the light radiating from the Infant Christ, and is guided within the folds of Mary’s mantle to shine upon the earth.

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Original created 1936

The “Light of the World” with the sun for His halo, sleeps on HIs mother’s breast,

and He, the creator of heaven and earth, holds fast to a fold of her tunic. She is truly

His mother, and truly can we call her our Mother, for we receive from her hands

divine life and light.

The sun radiating its light serves as His halo, because we have in the suns warming, strengthening and enlightening power upon the material world a figurative portrayal from the hand of God of the action of divine light in the supernatural order upon the weak, dormant and earth-bound souls of mankind. The rising and setting sun forms the motif adorning the hem of His mother’s tunic, for she by her consent to be His mother, brought to us the dawn of our salvation, the beginning and end of all things, the resurrection unto life eternal.

Her light is that of Wisdom and Love. The Wisdom that was the old law and divine Love which is the new law given us by her Son. In these infinite vistas of light she walks above the luminaries of our heavens, for they are but one of the means by which our souls may be guided upward into the realm of divine light.

The heavens show forth the glory of God, and the firmament declareth the work of his hands.” Psa. 18:2.

“Thy sun shall go down no more and thy moon shall not decrease; for the Lord shall be unto thee for an everlasting light.” Isa. 60, 20.


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